in which global protests agree with this blog’s title

I remember walking through the tent protests on Rothschild Boulevard on August 15th and thinking:
could this EVER happen in the US?

A month later, and we have this:

I am not here to comment on the significance. In this regard (and perhaps this regard alone), I consider myself Andre Breton’s surrealist granddaughter: I just point out the doublings where they are to be found…

Anyone in New York been? Any reports?

Can’t believe Jeff Magnum played. Sudden visions of when I worked near Wall Street … walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a frigid morning this February…

3 Responses to “in which global protests agree with this blog’s title”
  1. Drew Levitt says:

    I work in the (white) building in the background! It has been fascinating to watch this evolve. Yet I am watching from the sidelines, as I agree with the movement’s indictment of corporatism but feel like I, with my full-time job, health benefits, and non-crippling debt load, would be out of place. I don’t know whether this is my own cowardice talking, or the effect of the almighty dollar keeping man from fellow man, or the result of genuine misgivings on my part at some of the protesters’ demands, but I really do hope I can find a way and a reason to join this movement.

    • auraticoutmoded says:

      Oh boy!

      I know the feeling — wondered a lot about *why* exactly people joined protests when the Tel Aviv tent cities were at the height — were they driven by a personal beef, a moral empathizing, a social trend? What did it mean when I joined the “March of the Millions,” when (half) a million people to the streets of Tel Aviv, even though I am not an Israeli?

      I left feeling that while every action may be political, there is also much more beyond politics in an action — sometimes it is powerful to be part of larger group of humans, to be reminded of the smallness of each individual — sometimes the experience (& the feelings it creates) can influence an intellectual position — sometimes, to be surrounded by the clang and clamor, is just fun.

      Anyway!, if you do join, let me know how it goes!

      • I feel muchly the same about it as Drew. I’m so, so happy that it’s happening (I often think back to your blog post- prescient!). Because I’m making a definitely livable wage (though only between two different jobs) and have no debt, I am not down there. However, if this had happened when I was unemployed or an intern, you bet that I would be down there, at least a few times a week and on weekends. It’s sort of like this: I have faith that if things get crappy enough, enough people will take to the streets, and right now I’ve mathematically been taken care of by the economy so I won’t be there. But I hope the movement keeps growing and I am there in spirit.

        My number 1 demand would be: regulation of internships! Only for college credit! Otherwise it’s slavery! Something easy to implement that I bet would actually have a huge impact on the job market.

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